New To Yoga

Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago, and you’d like to try it again?

Maybe you want to try something new, or a friend, family member, or your doctor recommended it. I’m so glad you’re willing to try yoga. You may have heard yoga is great for increasing flexibility, helping with depression, injuries, and calming your mind. But you may be thinking: “Yikes, I don’t know anything about this yoga thing. I can’t even touch my toes.”

When I first tried yoga, I was so stiff. I couldn’t follow what the teacher was doing, and I couldn’t keep up with everyone. I found out that the yoga instructor (at the gym) had only completed a one-weekend fitness course on how to teach yoga.

It was only when I was guided by an experienced teacher who broke down the poses, did I feel safe and start to open up more. I started to notice an improvement in my life – my outlook on life and how I handled stress.

I look forward to seeing you in a class.

Much Love,
Shanine Dennill (Instructor)

New To Yoga

We have 2 Options for YOU!

Foundations of Yoga series

We’ve designed this 4-week Foundation of Yoga the absolute beginner or if you want a step-by-step review of the basics.

Our next session starts soon!
Dates: Mar 8, Mar 15, Mar 22, Mar 29, 2021
Day: Mondays
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm
No session will be recorded (as you will receive other recordings).

You’ll learn yoga postures, how to move into and out of yoga poses, alignment techniques you can apply in every pose, and learn how to modify the poses for your body. This series will give you the confidence to join a regular yoga class.

You'll receive:

✓ Special attention from the teacher who will help you modify the poses for your needs (all sessions are held live through Zoom).

✓ Booklets (resources) for each week's worth of content – general information on the topic for that week, instructions on yoga poses, and reflection questions.

✓ Four high-quality 40-45 minute videos to do your yoga practice at home. These are designed so you can complete one video a week or study at your own pace. These are stored on this Kavi Love site.

✓ A basic knowledge of yoga – learn new yoga poses every week, the names of common poses, and alignment cues.

✓ An overview on how to use props to make poses accessible for your body.

✓ Breath-work to calm stress and improve the quality of your life.

✓ Skills to modify poses for your body and/or common physical restrictions. (Please consult with a physician before doing the practices and avoid certain poses if you have an injury).

✓ An improvement in your strength, flexibility, balance, and stress reduction with consistent work and practice.

✓ A commitment to YOU! The best gift anyone can give to themselves.

Investment in Yourself: $80

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Take a Class with Us

You can try any class under the Nourishing Kavi stream and Hatha under Inspiring Kavi streams.

These classes include:

✓ Gentle Yoga: This is where you can move through yoga poses at a comfortable pace. The class systematically and gently opens the body. There are no intense flows.

✓ Hatha Therapy: This class focuses on small movements, proper alignment, and breathwork to promote pain reduction, and a healthy mind and body. Elements of Yoga Therapy and the Hatha practice combine to improve mobility issues for those recovering from injuries, muscle loss, and age-related strains.

✓ Restorative Yoga: A gentle practice where the body is held and supported by bolsters, blankets, straps, the wall, and blocks. This nurturing class aids the body to move into the parasympathetic nervous system - aiding in deep relaxation and functioning of the immune system.

✓ Yin Yoga class: This slow-moving class is for those who wish to release stress and tension and increase flexibility. This practice stresses the body's connective tissue safely. This class is perfect for you if you lead a very active lifestyle, sit in a chair for long periods of time, if you experience tightness in areas of the body.

✓ Hatha Yoga: This yoga class focuses on alignment for safety and energy currents, with modifications for various levels of experience in yoga. Poses are held for a longer time while you move through the practice in a mindful way, bringing ease to the body and stability to the mind.

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