About Us

About Us

Kavi (pronounced Kah-Vie) means Whispering Words of WISDOM.

There's an inner stillness that connects you to a fountain of Higher Wisdom. This Truth within lovingly guides you to make better decisions in your life, brings steadiness amidst turbulent times, cultivates compassion for yourself and others, and even reveals a mystery beyond the human mind.

A Kavi Love yoga class is more than just a physical practice; it's one rooted in the traditional lineage of yoga - a system that will move you deeper into this inner wisdom.

We offer: yoga, breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, astrology musings, journaling, a spiritual book club, and other practices to bring a deep connection within and this world.

EVERYONE is welcome. Our live online classes allows you to surrender into this sacredness in the comfort of your home. If you feel stressed, anxious, sad, or experiencing problems with sleep, or just want to move inwards, you have access to our recorded classes any time, day or place, to bring peace, stillness, and acceptance.

Much Love!

P.S. Kavi also means poet - so you may find sprinklings of poetry, filled with words of wisdom here and there.

Keys to Staying Committed to You!

Aim for 3-4 classes a week

Book yoga dates with yourself in your calendar. Our live classes can be saved right into your calendar. Where you can, choose the same times for consistency. Add variety for freshness; for instance, a meditation practice is lovely if you're always doing more challenging classes.

Set yourself up for success

If you miss a day, commit to a practice the next day, or choose a shorter practice. Select a class the night before if you are doing recorded classes. This gives you something to look forward to the next day. Have your mat ready, easy to see and reach, so there are no excuses.

Modify or change levels

Listen to your heart, mind and body. What does it need? Every day is different. Modify poses and practices. Our recorded classes have levels, so feel free to choose an easier or harder level for your needs.

Stay connected

Follow us on social media and join our private Facebook group for members. Tell friends and family and keep each other accountable. Join our social classes (like our spiritual book club).

Connect To Your Truest Essence through These Classes

Nourishing Kavi

Soothing classes to let go of resistance and surrender the body, mind, and soul. Incorporates gentle movements and deep releases.

Classes include: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Therapy, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga

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Inspiring Kavi

Moderate practices that uplift, recondition, and transform the body and mind.

Classes include: Hatha Yoga, Fascia & Flow, Yin Yang, and Tantra Yoga

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Dynamic Kavi

Flow and strengthening classes, that require dedication to physically and mentally challenge yourself.

Classes include: Flow, Power Flow, and Barre

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New to Yoga

Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago, and you’d like to try it again? Maybe you want to try something new, or a friend, family member or your doctor recommended it. We’ve created a 4-week Foundations of Yoga series just for YOU!

You’ll learn yoga postures, how to move into and out of yoga poses, alignment techniques you can apply in every pose, learn how to modify the poses for your body, as well as breathing techniques.

New to Yoga

Explore Kavi (Wisdom) in Your Life

Kavi Within

Start noticing your thoughts, bring stability to the mind, and build an inner awareness to a Higher Wisdom.

Classes include: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and breathwork

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Kavi Off the Mat

Learn how to listen to the rhythms of life. Live in harmony within ourselves and within our environment.

Classes include: Ayurveda, yogic lifestyle, environmental considerations

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Yoga for Pregnancy

A collection of yoga series that not only focus on moving the body during pregnancy but offers wisdom in the different stages of pregnancy.

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